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Performance Toyota Carburetor Accessories

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Weber Sidedraft Carburetor - Jet Cover Gasket Holley Power Valve Gasket Holley Carb. to Stock 22R Manifold Adapter Gasket
20R/22R Weber 32/36 Base Gasket Holley 350/500 Base Gasket Gasket - Holley Adapter To 20R Manifold Gasket
Aisin 22R Carb - 2-Barrel Race Carb Base Gasket Weber DCOE Sidedraft Throttle Shaft Nut Weber Downdraft Throttle Linkage Nut & Tab Washer
LCE Pro Spiral Adapter Replacement Gasket Kit Weber 38 Base Gasket Weber Air Filter Base Gasket 32/36, 38
Weber 38 Base Gasket
Racer Net: $4.95

20R/22R Red Line Weber 32/36 Base Gasket (Pair) Gasket - Teflon Weber 32/36/38 Base Gasket Intake Manifold Gasket Set - 22R/RE/RET
Sidedraft Carburetor O Ring Set Of 8 Weber 32/36 & 38  Gasket Kit 20R/22R Weber 32/36 Adapter Gasket Set
Holley Accel Discharge Nozzle Power Valve - 3.5" Holley Power Valve Power Valve - 2.5" Holley Power Valve
Holley Non-Stick Bowl Gasket Set Throttle Cable Up-Grade Weber 32/36 Power Valve
Throttle Cable Up-Grade
Racer Net: $13.95

Weber 32/36 Power Valve
Racer Net: $18.95

Weber Sidedraft O-ring & Isolater Kit 22R Weber Stock Replacement Air Cleaner Weber DCOE Stack Screen - 2 3/4 Small Screen (Fits 45mm Carb-Loosely)
Weber Manual Choke Cable Fuel Pressure Gauge Low pressure For Carbureted 0-10psi 1.5"Dia. Weber Sidedraft Carburetor - Jet Cover With Wing Nut
Weber Manual Choke Cable
Racer Net: $21.87

Weber 32/36/38 Foam Float Weber Electric Choke DGEV Weber DCOE Stack Screen  - 3 1/4 Large Screen (For Wide Mouth Style Stack)
Weber 32/36/38 Foam Float
Racer Net: $26.57

Weber Electric Choke DGEV
Racer Net: $26.95

Weber 32/36 Idle Cut-off Solenoid Fuel Gauge Kit Low Pressure Carb Only Weber 32/36/38 Carb Linkage Kit
Weber 32/36 DGV Rebuild Kit Weber 38 DGAS Rebuild Kit Universal Throttle Cable
Weber 38 DGAS Rebuild Kit
Racer Net: $32.95

Universal Throttle Cable
Racer Net: $33.95

Weber Rebuild Kit-40mm & 45mm DCOE(1 Kit Per Carb) Sidedraft Filters - Foam Sock Filters(2 Filters) Carburetor Synchronizer
Carburetor Synchronizer
Racer Net: $58.95
Aisin 22R Carb - 2-Barrel Race Carburetor Float Weber Manual Choke Kit w/Cable Carburetor Rebuild Kit - 22R Aisin Carburetor
Holley - Accelerator Pump Check Valve Kit Center Pull Throttle Linkage Kit/Sidedraft Carbs. Fuel Pressure Gauge Kit Low Pressure Carb Only
Weber Sidedraft Throttle Linkage Weber Carburetor Hat w/Tube Kit (w/o Air Filter) Adapter & Filter Kit - Weber 32/36/38 To K&N Kit
Holley Carburetor Hat/Plenum