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Camshaft 20R/22R/RE Circle Track Stock Casting
Camshaft - 20R/22R/RE Circle Track(Stock Casting)

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Part Number: 1022013

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Camshaft - 20R/22R/RE Circle Track Stock Toyota Casting

This is the perfect "cheater" camshaft. We start with an OEM Toyota camshaft and then re-grind it to our specs. This is the biggest cam profile you can run on the stock cam core. Since we use the factory Toyota casting you can get away with class rules that require the use of stock cams (depending on how they test the cam). LC Engineering recommends running dual valve springs for any application turning over 5,000 RPM consistently.

LC Engineering is constantly striving to improve both the quality and performance of our products. We test our camshafts on the street, race track and off-road. The results are an improved line of camshafts that offer a broader selection of grinds, increased horsepower and higher quality.

All LC Engineering Camshafts are ground on new billets and double heat treated for long life. Each has been designed for maximum torque and horsepower, specifically for application. When comparing camshaft profiles, always reference the duration @ .050" valve lift. Choosing the correct camshaft and matching valve train components is crucial for maximum performance and reliability. LC Engineering offers a full selection of valve train components for your cylinder head.

Beware of reground rocker arms on the market. Regrinding the pad on the rocker can remove the heat treated portion of the pad making for a soft rocker. Rocker arms that are reground will not have the factory geometry of a stock rocker. To regrind a rocker will take care of the face surface but will do nothing to address the rocker shaft bore, a loose rocker bore will make adjustment difficult and will never be correct which is why we cannot warranty a camshaft unless new rockers are purchased with a camshaft.

Questions? Call our customer service department for a recommendation. We'll make sure to get you the perfect cam to maximize your combination!

20R/22R -Stock Casting Circle Track Camshaft

Race cam for classes that require a stock casting

Intake Exhaust
Valve Lash .008 .012
Valve Lift .390" .390"
Advertised Duration 253° 253°
Duration @ .050" 232° 232°
Lobe Center 110° 110°

Intake Opens 6º BTDC

Exhaust Opens 46º BBDC

Intake Closes 46º ABDC

Exhaust Closes 6º ATDC

NOTE: Always check valve to piston clearance and valve to valve clearance with this camshaft! Failure to install this cam with matched valve train components can cause engine damage.

WARNING: LCE highly recommends using our Pro Camshaft Kit Part# 1020000 in order to allow proper spring retainer to guide clearance for any cam that has over .450" lift or in any application that requires a sustained RPM of 6,000 or higher. LCE also recommends replacing rocker arms with a new set; Part# 1023015 or a complete rocker assembly Part# 1023018 to avoid any damage to your new camshaft.

LCE will NOT warranty any cam damage if you do not purchase new Toyota rocker arms from LC Engineering, or a complete rocker arm assembly from LC Engineering at the same time as purchasing our camshaft.

Contact our Tech Support Line for further information at 928-855-6341.

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