Clutch Master Cylinder - 87-7/88(3VZ Pickup)
Clutch Master Cylinder - 87-7/88(3VZ Pickup)
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Clutch Master Cylinder

The clutch master cylinder is located on the firewall inside the engine bay, usually next to the brake master cylinder. The clutch master cylinder is responsible for transferring the clutch pedal pressure hydraulically to the slave cylinder to release the clutch. One sign of a faulty clutch master or slave cylinders when you depress your clutch pedal and it slowly sinks to the floor and does not return. Since the entire system is a hydraulic one, the master cylinder also has a reservoir that holds the fluid used in the clutch hydraulic system. If you decide to change the clutch master cylinder it is a good idea to also get a clutch slave cylinder at the same time, as both units typically fail around the same time. When replacing your master or slave cylinder, it is always a good idea to flush and bleed your entire system to prevent water buildup or air pockets from being present when you are driving. Also always keep an eye on the fluid in your reservoir, dirty fluid may mean that the internal seals are allowing dirt and contaminants into your master cylinder.

NOTE: This part fits August of 1987 to July of 1988 (3VZ) (2WD & 4WD) Toyota Pickup trucks.

This product should not be used in a manner that violates Federal EPA Laws.

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