3RZ Forged Piston & H-Beam Rod Set (Custom Piston) 1995-2004
Forged Piston & H-Beam Rod Set (Custom Piston)
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Forged Piston & H-Beam Rod Set (Custom Piston)

If your 3RZ is a performance-tuned monster you now the stock internals won't hang. The factory crankshaft is excellent, but the factory connecting rods and pistons can be a problem when adding horsepower. Avoid the costly damage in the future by upgrading the weak points in your 3RZ with this LC Engineering forged rod and piston set. This package includes a set of Custom Forged Pistons, a set of gas nitride piston rings for longevity, as well as a set of custom Chromoly H beam connecting rods that are much stronger than the factory rods. We also include the rod bearings you will need to tell us what size you need. Bearings come in standard, .25 .50 or .75. This package is an excellent way to add the needed strength and reliability to your high-performance 3RZ.Give us a call and one of our Sales Reps can get you set up with this kit.

Pistons: CP Pistons has manufactured high-performance pistons and ring kits for LC Engineering for the last decade. CP Pistons are known for its fully machined, lightweight, precision pistons. They have built a reputation of high-end quality pistons, build to perform and out last; especially in racing and endurance. Proudly made in the USA.

CP Pistons Features

  • Dedicated forgings
  • Balanced to + or – 1 gram
  • Wrist pins provided
  • Pin fitting provided
  • Accumulator Grooves
  • Dual forced pin oilers
  • Picklock grooves
  • Fully CNC machined
  • USA Made

Rings: CP pistons come with a top ring that is a steel compression ring that has been gas nitrided so that it is compatible with Nikasil and cast iron bores. This scuff resistant gas nitrided ring allows it to operate at maximum efficiency without blemishing up the bore. The nitriding ensures extended life and protection under extreme conditions. The second ring is a cast iron with a taper under-hook groove face. The ring acts as a wiper and pushes the oil back away from combustion. This type of ring allows you to run a lower tension oil ring. The oil ring is made up of two gas nitride rails with a low-tension expander. Because of the mini flex vent design; there is less friction on the cylinder wall, which increases the performance and efficiency of the engine. These ring sets are high strength and low tension, resulting in maximum sealing with minimum drag.

Rods: H-beam connecting rods are made from 4340 steel, x-rayed, Magnafluxed, sonic tested ensures optimal quality and strength. They are packaged in weight-matched sets that are within +/- 1 gram end to end. The connecting rods for Toyota undergo a 2-piece forging process and are machined in the USA. Rods will include ARP 8740 rod bolts for extensive ability to handle power and boost.

Bearings: Clevite TriMetal engine bearings had been the industry standard since the first patent on the cast, copper, lead composition decades ago. The success and notoriety Clevite has earned on the race track proves the commitment to excellence maintained by all who contribute to the Clevite brand.

  • Seizure Resistance - Clevite TriMetal bearings have as much as 40% better seizure resistance than competitors' engine bearings.
  • Load Capacity - Clevite TriMetal bearings can withstand over 60% higher loads for extended periods compared to competitor bearings.
  • Durability - Clevite TriMetal bearings not only exceed light vehicle OE durability requirements of 150,000 miles, but they also exceed heavy vehicle OE durability requirements of 300,000 miles.

This product should not be used in a manner that violates Federal EPA Laws.

NOTE: The pistons and rods in this kit have been designed to work together no substitutions.

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