PLX SM Wideband Air Fuel Ratio Sensor Module No Gauge
PLX SM Wideband Air Fuel Ratio Sensor Module
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PLX SM Wideband Air Fuel Ratio Sensor Module

(No Gauge)

We're proud to introduce the next generation wideband oxygen sensor controller with intelligent health monitoring technology and current for improved sensor performance. The new Gen4 Wideband AFR utilizes the next generation in Bosch Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio sensor technology. The Gen4 is faster, more accurate, more durable, and uses less power than the Gen3. The Gen4 also employs the innovative PLX Devices new intelligent health monitoring technology where the oxygen sensor is meticulously monitored every 2mS (488 times per second) to obtain peak performance, accuracy and reaction time. Pair the SM/AFR with the updated patented DM-6 touch screen MultiGauge (NOT INCLUDED), battery voltage is displayed from 9V-20V, sensor life is displayed from 0-100%. The oxygen sensor reaction time is displayed from 10mS/1000mS on the brilliant high contrast OLED display.

The PLX Wideband AFR (UEGO) combines an accurate, fast response wideband AFR (Air Fuel Ratio) controller with a Bosch LSU4.9 wideband oxygen sensor. The wideband controller (SM-AFR) works with gasoline, biodiesel, ethanol, methanol, E85, LPG, and CNG. It includes two analog outputs (wideband 0-5V, and narrowband 0-1V) for interfacing with 3rd party devices and one digital serial output for interfacing with the DM-6 gauge and other Multi Gauges. The wideband analog output is ideal for interfacing with aftermarket ECUs and data loggers. The narrowband output is ideal for stock narrowband oxygen sensor replacement where the simulated narrowband analog output is fed back into your ECU to make it operate as if the stock narrowband oxygen sensor is still installed while running the PLX wideband setup. All three outputs can be used simultaneously. Additional features include advanced soft start technology which prolongs the oxygen sensor's life and an aluminum enclosure for durability and reliability.

Gen 3 Vs. Gen 4

  • More accurate
  • Uses only 7.5Watts compared to 10Watts
  • Faster response time
  • Improved sensor durability
  • Faster warm up time
  • Maintains accuracy throughout life
  • Less susceptible to contamination to surrounding pollution
  • 10+ years of average service life


  • New Sensor: Bosch LSU 4.9
  • New Sensor: O2 Sensor Health
  • New Sensor: O2 Sensor Reaction Time
  • New Sensor: Voltage
  • No Calibration required
  • Soft start technology
  • 2 analog outputs
  • 1 digital input, 1 digital output
  • Compatible with multiple fuels
  • Sensor is hand tested
  • Digital precision

NOTE: This kit does not come with a gauge. You will need a multi gauge display (PLX DM-6) to see your ratios (unless you have a gauge currently) that will work with this unit. If you wish to purchase a full kit with gauge, see Part #: 1099066. If you wish to purchase the gauge separately, see Part #: 1099007.

This product should not be used in a manner that violates Federal EPA Laws.

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