Safety Auto Main Bearing Set - 22R/RE 1982-1995
Safety Auto Main Bearing Set - 22R/RE 1982-1995
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Safety Auto Main Bearing Set

When overhauling/rebuilding an engine, it is highly recommended that you replace all bearings in the bottom end.These bearing sets will get your engine back to the proper specification and ready for the miles to come. The majority of Safety Bearings are produced by the Japanese factories that manufacture original engine bearings found in modern import engines like Toyota's. This ensures the performance and durability of our bearings to meet the demands of even the most stressful engines. We at LC Engineering offer main bearings, rod bearings, thrust washers, and pin bushings to serve all your engine bearing needs.

Why Safety Bearings?

Safety Auto Parts Corp. is dedicated to ensuring that their bearings are of the highest quality available in the aftermarket. Just as the factories have strict standards of quality for the OE engines bearings they produce, Safety enforces similar standards of quality to provide our customers with bearings that are as close to OE as possible. Many of our competitors offer cheaper solutions at the cost of lower quality products. At LC Engineering, we strive to provide the highest quality possible and also offer it at affordable prices. Try our products, and the difference will be immediately noticeable.

Standard Bearing 2.3616 in - 2.3622 in
59.984 mm - 60.000 mm
.25 mm (+.010") 2.3517 in - 2.3523 in
59.735 mm - 59.750 mm
20R 0.0010 in - 0.0022 in
0.025 mm - 0.055 mm
.50 mm (+.020") 2.3418 in - 2.3425 in
59.487 mm - 59.502 mm
22R/RE 0.0010 in - 0.0022 in
0.025 mm - 0.055 mm
.75 mm (+.030") 2.3320 in - 2.3326 in
59.238 mm - 59.253 mm
RACE OR HIGH PERFORMANCE / TURBO 0.0020 in – 0.0030 in
0.050 mm - 0.076 mm
OIL CLEARANCE NOT TO EXCEED 0.0031 in (0.078 mm)

NOTE: When measuring to get your bearing sizes, make sure that you use a micrometer, It is your responsibility to provide the correct measurement to order the correct size bearing, as these are non-returnable. No returns accepted for Standard size bearings, make sure your crank is within spec before ordering.

This product should not be used in a manner that violates Federal EPA Laws.

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