Spark Plug NGK R5671A-10 30+ psi of Boost (Each / Set)
Spark Plug - R5671A-10 NGK(30+ psi) (Each / Set)
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NGK Spark Plug R5671A-10

(30+ psi of Boost)

NGK's V-grooved center electrode moves the spark to the outer edge of the electrode for improved ignitability in all combustion chamber conditions. This configuration is especially helpful for throttle responsiveness, quicker corner exits, and more power on the bottom end in a drag race engine. NGK V-Power Racing Spark Plugs are available in a wide variety of heat ranges to fit most drag race, circle track or road racing applications. The high-purity alumina silicates used in the insulators of NGK Spark Plugs helps keep the spark plug tip warm enough to burn off deposits at low-speed, yet still be able to transfer enough heat during high-speed operation to prevent detonation and pre-ignition.

NOTE: Any NGK spark plug that starts with an "R" is a racing plug (it is important you note we said it starts with an "R", not that it has an "R" in it). For the NGK racing plugs, the heat range is after the dash IE: R5671A-10 is a 10. You can change heat ranges on racing plugs merely by raising or lowering the last digit. If you are trying to go hotter on an R5671A-10 you would lower the last digit, you want an R5671A-9. Sold individually.

This product should not be used in a manner that violates Federal EPA Laws.

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Question: What do I gap spark plugs to?

Answer: 2000 and earlier model Toyota's will be gapped to 0.031". 2001 and later models will be gapped to 0.043".

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