22R/RE Stage 5 Pro Race Long Block
Stage 5 Race Long Block
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Stage 5 Race Long Block

When you're ready to play with the big dogs, look no further than LC Engineering's Stage 5 series race engines! LC Engineering's engine department has built some of the most robust 22R engines on the planet. Based on over 20 years of experience and countless hours of research and development from all forms of racing, we can supply you with not only some of the most potent race engines but also some of the most reliable. The Stage 5 is the accumulation of all these years of experience. Starting from the completely studded block (ARP head and main studs) to the radically modified cylinder head, there is no match for LC Engineering's Stage 5 race engines. All of our motors come blueprinted, assembled, and dyno tested.

These engines can only be built to 11:1 compression or higher and will only run on race fuel of 110 Octane or higher.

All Stage 5 Series Engines come with the following components:

  • LCE Pro Crankshaft & Crankshaft Scraper
  • LCE Chromoly H-Beam Connecting Rods
  • Oil Pan
  • LCE Pro Block Brace
  • Clevite Main, Rod & Thrust Bearings
  • Brand New Water Pump
  • LCE Pro Oil Pump & Oil Pump Bypass (Pressure Adjustment)
  • LCE Dual Row Timing Chain Kit & New Custom Timing Chain Cover
  • ARP Head Studs & ARP Main Cap Studs
  • Radically Ported Cylinder Head (Brand New Casting) & MLS Head Gasket
  • New OEM Aluminum Toyota Rocker Arms & LCE Pro Rocker Shafts
  • LCE Dual Row Adjustable Cam Gear
  • LCE Dual Valve Springs & Titanium Valve Spring Retainers
  • NGK Spark Plugs
  • Billet Oil Cap
  • LCE Pro Water Block Plate Kit
  • LCE "Red Head" Race Valve Cover
  • 94mm Forged Pistons (Your Choice of Compression Ratios)
  • 48mm Stainless Steel Swirl Polished Intake Valves & 40mm Stainless Steel Swirl Polished Exhaust Valves
  • Your Choice of Custom Performance Camshafts

This product should not be used in a manner that violates Federal EPA Laws.

A Long Block is an automotive term describing an engine sub-assembly consisting of the following:

  • Short Block: The long block is always a super-set of the corresponding short block.
  • Cylinder Head: A complete new cylinder head assembly is installed with a new head gasket and torqued to specification. (LCE uses only new heads and parts on 85+ late model engines) Complete cylinder heads include new valve springs, valve guides (if applicable), valve seats (if applicable), cam buckets (if applicable), valve locks, and valve keepers. The new head castings are free from cracks, warps, and holes.

On all LC Engineering engines, the camshaft(s) will be installed. A Long Block engine replacement will require swapping out parts from the original engine to the long block. These parts include the intake manifold, the exhaust manifold, alternator, power steering pump (if installed in the vehicle), and air conditioner compressor (if installed in the vehicle). As a general rule of thumb, all LC Pro long blocks will be assembled entirely from valve cover to oil pan, but will not include intake, exhaust, or ignition.

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