Street Piston Set(w/Rings) - 2RZ(STD)
Street Piston Set(w/Rings) - 2RZ(STD)
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Street Piston Set w/ Rings

(95.00mm / Standard)

Hypereutectic Pistons

LC Engineering carries a full line of Street series Hypereutectic pistons for whatever engine you have. The Hypereutectic process allows for a much stronger piston that will not absorb as much heat as a cast style piston. That means you can make more power with less wear on your engine!! Our 2RZ Street Hyper Pistons also feature a Teflon skirt coating and anodized top deck for even more strength and durability. As the compression ratios for late model engines increase, more pressure and heat are placed on the piston. By adding this anodization process, we can protect your engine from these conditions and make your engine as strong as possible. The Teflon coating reduces friction between the piston and the cylinder creating lower cylinder temperatures and improved efficiency and performance! Piston sets come with our Hastings pistons rings, wrist pins, and wrist pin locks.

NOTE: No returns accepted for Standard sizes, make sure your block is within spec before ordering.

Stock Style Piston Rings

Stock style piston rings are built with ductile iron, plasma moly top compression rings. They have conventional cast iron second rings and 3-piece, standard-tension stainless steel oil rings. These ring sets are ideal for street use, race applications, and mild levels of nitrous or forced induction.

NOTE: These are not a gapless ring set.

This product should not be used in a manner that violates Federal EPA Laws.

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