1981-1984 22R Street Stroker Short Block Kit W/ H-Beam Rods (Non-Turbo)
Street Stroker Kit (Non-Turbo) - 22R/22RE With H-Beam Rods 1981-1984
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Street Stroker Kit (Non-Turbo)

(93MM / +.040")

Stroker Crankshaft

LC Engineering is proud to present our new Street Stroker Crankshafts. What is a stroker crankshaft? It's 5mm more stroke! (That's 1/4 of an inch.) Usable power is what the stroker crank will give your engine. It increases the torque of the 22R engine as much as 25 FT/LBS; this means more pulling power for a 4x4 application or improved acceleration for your circle track car. Best yet, you can use this with any engine set-up, including the factory EFI system with no adverse side effects. We have spent years chasing core crankshafts to rework to our street performer crankshaft needs, but now we have taken the extra step to have new crankshafts explicitly made for us. These are a cast crankshaft that is built to our specific design requirements. All of our crankshafts are precision ground to the original factory specifications for Standard Main and Standard Rod bearing sizes. We micro polish each journal to a mirror finish for longer bearing life. The crankshaft is then Heat treated and balanced for smooth running. This crankshaft is a direct replacement for the factory crank. The crankshaft will come with new crank plugs and keyways.

NOTE: LC Engineering recommends using this with our Crank Scraper Part #: 1013022.

H-Beam Connecting Rods

When it comes to the highest quality components for Toyotas, LC Engineering has been the #1 Provider for almost 30 years. We have been supplying everybody from professional racers and rock crawlers, to show trucks and daily drivers. After a couple of decades dealing with different H-beam connecting rods, we decided to start making our very own H-beams, setting a new industry standard and with a much more attractive and easy-to-afford price. LC Engineering’s H-beams are your best option for either rebuilding your performance engine with up to 600HP or just replacing your worn out stock connecting rods on your daily driver. The LC Engineering’s H-Beam 4340 Forged Chrome-moly Steel Connecting Rods are manufactured from a two-piece forging process. This process forces the grain into the shape of a connecting rod, resulting in superior fatigue life. The rod cap is forged separately so that the grain runs perpendicular to the load forces, which strengthens the rod.

LC Engineering includes a higher content of nickel & chrome, which increases the strength & fatigue life without making the rod brittle. Every rod is shot peened to stress relieve the metal. LC Engineering’s x-rays, sonic tests, and Magna-fluxes each rod to ensure quality. Every LC Engineering’s rod is multi-stage heat-treated and includes 7/16" ARP 8740 bolts which can handle up to 210,000psi. Silicon bronze bushings are inserted for a floating piston pin. Each rod set is packaged in weight-matched sets end to end +/-5 gram! The LC Engineering’s H-Beam connecting rods are 86 grams each lighter than a stock Toyota connecting rod. When measuring in Grams that’s not a lot, but when you add it all up that’s 3/4 pounds of less rotating mass. Less rotating mass means quicker throttle response, faster revving and less wear to the bearings and crankshaft. LC Engineering’s rods are ready to run; installation instructions & bolt lubricant are included. Complete set of 4 rods. Stronger and lighter than stock connecting rods, they come in sets of four. Includes ARP rod bolts and Moly Lube.

5.819" 675g Approx. 0.866" 600HP H BEAM

NOTE: These rods have the Toyota Journal and made to fit the stock Toyota Crankshaft.

Forged Stroker Pistons

People think that forged pistons are just for racers, this is not true. Even a daily driven vehicle can benefit from the extra strength of a forged piston. Forged pistons also work great on boosted applications; the excellent heat dissipation they offer keeps the cylinder head temps down and provide longer-lasting, more powerful engines! LC Engineering has done extensive research and development over the years, and we have found one of the best ways to gain power is to stroke the engine. Our exclusive forged Piston Kits includes the pistons, lightweight Tool Steel Chromoly Wristpins, Spiral Locks and Gas Nitride ring sets or you can upgrade to a gapless ring set.

Features Include:

  • High strength aluminum forgings
  • Super lightweight designs
  • Fully CNC machined and balanced to +/- 1 gram
  • Wrist pins included at no extra cost
  • Accumulator groove included
  • Double pin oilers, force fed from oil ring
  • Pick lock grooves for easy lock removal

NOTE: These pistons will require 1-2 weeks of build time. Stroker pistons will only work with an LC Engineering stroker crankshaft. Pistons may need to be notched depending on cam and valve size. Forged pistons provide the ultimate strength and durability for any engine! The pistons listed above will fit any 1981 to 1984 22R/RE block. They are for a 93mm bore (+.040"). They have a 9.7:1 compression ratio that will work correctly for any naturally aspirated 22R/RE.

Dual Row Timing Chain Upgrade Kit

This kit was designed by LC Engineering to upgrade the factory timing chain set on the 22R (81-84) engines with better components. When replacing your stock timing chain, why not choose what will save you money, time and give you better components than buying it aftermarket and for some of the parts, even from Toyota directly. If you are building your engine for performance, this kit will be your best choice for increased strength and reliability of components. Best of all, you'll save over $150 buying this kit instead of purchasing all the parts separately, and it will have everything you need.

Kit Includes:

  • Custom Timing Cover
  • New Timing Chain Kit w/Metal Back Guides
  • Blueprinted Pro Oil Pump
  • New Performance Water Pump
  • Oil Pump Drive Spline
  • Bolt Kit
  • Gaskets & Front Seal

Complete Gasket Set (Not Pictured Above)

Head gasket failure is one of the most common problems with the Toyota four-cylinder engines. With a cast-iron block and an aluminum cylinder head, add a little heat, and you have two entirely different metals expanding and contracting at different rates. Replace a leaky or corroded head gasket before severe damage occurs with high-quality Head Gaskets. LC Engineering has performance head gasket sets available for you, depending on the application.

Kit Includes:

  • Head gasket
  • Intake Manifold Gasket
  • Exhaust manifold Gaskets
  • Water pump gasket
  • Water outlet gasket
  • Valve stem seals
  • Two half moon seals
  • Valve cover gasket
  • Oil pan gasket
  • Front Seal
  • Rear Seal
  • Oil pump O Ring

Pro Head Studs

The ARP Cylinder Head Stud Set is a must for engines with increased cylinder pressure from high compression, nitrous oxide, turbocharged and supercharged applications. Made from 8740 Chromoly Steel, these studs test out at over 190,000 psi Tensile Strength.

NOTE: The valve cover will need to have the two front gussets clearance to allow room for the head studs. If you prefer, we offer our LC Pro valve covers which will already have this modification here. These studs are utilized on the cylinder head to secure your cylinder head to your block, not your crankshaft. If you need crankshaft studs, see Part #: 1013102.

Main, Rod, and Thrust Bearings

When overhauling/rebuilding an engine, it is highly recommended that you replace all bearings in the bottom end. These bearing sets will get your engine back to the proper specification and ready for the miles to come. The majority of Safety Bearings are produced by the Japanese factories that manufacture original engine bearings found in modern import engines like Toyota's. This ensures the performance and durability of our bearings to meet the demands of even the most stressful engines. We at LC Engineering offer main bearings, rod bearings, thrust washers, and pin bushings to serve all your engine bearing needs. Why Safety Bearings? Safety Auto Parts Corp. is dedicated to ensuring that their bearings are of the highest quality available in the aftermarket. Just as the factories have strict standards of quality for the OE engines bearings they produce, Safety enforces similar standards of quality to provide our customers with bearings that are as close to OE as possible. Many of our competitors offer cheaper solutions at the cost of lower quality products. At LC Engineering, we strive to provide the highest quality possible and also offer it at affordable prices. Try our products, and the difference will be immediately noticeable.

Freeze Plugs

At the beginning of any complete engine build-up, the block needs to be cleaned. To do that, all of the block's plugs must be removed (even with a new engine) to allow cleaning access to areas that enable oil or coolant to flow. LC Engineering only uses American made brass freeze plugs. They may cost a little more, but they won't weep like the zinc coated ones, and brass will never rust, so they live longer. Any true engine builder knows that the brass plugs are the ones to use no matter what the application. Any antifreeze leaking from the engine will be in the path of the rear wheels and could cause a lack of traction and cause the loss of a race. All because of a low dollar part. Build with confidence no matter what you are doing. These American made freeze plugs are the only ones to use.

This product should not be used in a manner that violates Federal EPA Laws.

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