Transmission Repair Sleeve Kit 4.0L 1GR (FJ Cruiser / Tundra)
Transmission Repair Sleeve Kit 4.0L 1GR (FJ Cruiser / Tundra)
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Transmission Repair Sleeve Kit

Does your pedal feel like it’s sticking? Are you having to replace your clutch & or release bearing more often than you should? We have a solution for you!

Kit Includes:

  • 303 Stainless Steel Sleeve
  • Set Screws & Hex Wrench
  • Oversized Release Bearing
  • Hi-temp Grease Packet
  • Notification Sticker
  • Instructions

Replaces Toyota Part #: 31230-60240

The Problem: These are the most common symptoms associated with a damaged or grooved quill on a transmission. It is also referred to as the snout, bearing carrier, or case extension. In most cases, it is an integral part of the transmission case & cannot be replaced. The logical solution is to replace the case or transmission. Both options are expensive & time-consuming, neither of which solves the problem permanently.

The Cause: In the operation of the clutch, the release or throw-out bearing slides on the clutch snout or quill, allowing you to engage and disc-engage the clutch mechanism. Due to various reasons, the quill becomes grooved over time. If the quill were made of a harder metal than aluminum, this would not be as common. The most common causes are an improper clutch adjustment, defective clutch assemblies, stop & go traffic, keeping your foot on the clutch (commonly referred to as riding the clutch), loss of lubricant, heat, & etc.

The Effect: The effects of these grooves on the clutch operation are catastrophic. They cause premature clutch disc wear, premature bearing failure (further adding to the problem), sticky &/or jerky pedal travel, rattling clutch forks, transmission damage, etc.

The Solution: The Transmission Sleeve Kit (TSK) solves this problem by utilizing a sleeve, precision machined of 304 Stainless steel, which slips over the original quill. This provides a smooth, hard surface for the oversize bearing to slide on. It is anchored with set screws and is removable & reusable. As in the case of the Subaru, it must be removed in order to allow any transmission repairs.

The Results: After installing the Transmission Sleeve Kit (TSK) you have eliminated the problem forever! You will notice a smooth, fluid-like, feel to the pedal. Your engagements will be smoother. Your clutch will last longer. This, in turn, will reduce the wear on your transmission. It will never groove again! The kit comes with a 1 year, unlimited mileage, warranty.

NOTE: For manual transmissions only.

This product should not be used in a manner that violates Federal EPA Laws.

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