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Weber 38 Carb & Intake Performance Package 20R (Manual Choke)
Weber 38 Carb & Intake Performance Package 20R (Manual Choke)

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Part Number: 1030009

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Weber 38 Carb & Intake Performance Package 20R (Manual Choke)

Includes: Weber 38 Carb, Intake Manifold and Weber Air Cleaner w/Filter

One of the best ways to get some extra performance out of your little Toyota 20R is to upgrade the carburetor and intake manifold. It is always important to match your upgrades to each other to make sure everything works well together, so with this kit LC Engineering has done all the homework to make sure that you get the perfect combination of parts to maximize your performance.

This Carb & Intake Performance Package contains a single plane intake manifold, Weber 38 carburetor kit and Chrome Air Cleaner w/K&N Filter.

Downdraft Intake Manifold

This 20R intake manifold will work perfectly to get you the most performance possible from your engine. With a large open plenum and runners, this manifold will outflow your stocker and supply your performance engine with enough airflow to make the most horsepower possible. This manifold is equipped with a Weber carburetor flange so you can bolt your performance carburetor on the manifold without having to use any adapters. This manifold has all the same vacuum and sensor ports as your stock manifold so you don't have to worry about adapting different fittings to gether to get all your vacuum lines and temp sensors hooked back up!

Weber 38 Carburetor Kit

Unleash the sheer power of your performance vehicle with the Weber 38 Carburetor. Manufactured to deliver maximum speed and horsepower, the Weber 38 is a two-barrel synchronous Manual choke carburetor. Due to its impressive performance output, this carburetor is used and trusted by countless racers that require top performance from their 4 cylinder engine.

WARNING: This carburetor does not come with provisions to run a kick-down cable for an automatic transmission. This WILL NOT work with an automatic transmission without custom installation including transferring and possibly modifying the linkage from the stock carburetor onto this Weber or a linkage adapter.

Optional Parts Info

The manifold in this kit is designed to use a rubber style thermostat gasket (supplied with manifold). There are a few other upgrades available for this manifold so take a minute to browse through the parts below to see if you will need any of them for your application. If you have any questions please contact one of our sales reps to help you determine what parts you may or may not need.

Requires fuel pressure regulated to 2.5-3psi

Part #1032009Intake Manifold Gasket

Part #1032032Water Block Plate(Under Manifold)

Part #1016015Pro Water Block Off Kit

Part #1032050 Intake Manifold Plug Kit

Part #1016038 EGR Block Plate Kit

Part #1035048 Intake Manifold Stud Kit

Part #1033023Weber Spiral Spacer

Factory fuel line from mechanical pump is roughly 1/16" smaller than Weber
Regulator/Carb fuel line. Slight pressure is all that is needed to fit the smaller line.

If you have one of our cylinder heads (or plan on getting one in the future) we can also port match your new intake to any of our cylinder head stages.

Alternate Kit Options

LC Engineering offers these Carb & Intake Performance Applications with Weber 32/36 carburetors or with Weber 38 carburetors. We also offer with the Billet Air Cleaner or with a K&N chrome air cleaner. Check out the parts below for these different options.

#1030000 20R Kit w/Weber 32/36 w/Manual Choke

#1030003 20R Kit w/Weber 32/36 w/Electric Choke

#1030006 20R Kit w/Weber 38 w/Electric Choke

#1030009 20R Kit w/Weber 38 w/Manual Choke

#1030036 22R Kit w/Weber 32/36 & Billet Air Cleaner

#1030039 22R Kit w/Weber 32/36 & K&N Air Cleaner

#1030042 22R Kit w/Weber 38 & Billet Air Cleaner

1030045 22R Kit w/Weber 38 & K&N Air Cleaner

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