Block Brace - 22R LCE Pro Block Brace Kit
22R/E LCE Pro Block Brace Kit

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22R/RE LCE Pro Block Brace Kit

We're pretty sure when Toyota designed the 20R or 22R series engines; they weren’t expecting people to build them up to 185+ horsepower and torque. Over the years as we developed a full line of high-performance 20R and 22R engines, we discovered that there were some significant weak spots in and around the engine block. These weak spots show up in high torque situations, especially in vehicles that are built to have little chassis flex.

The Pro Block Brace is a must for circle track race applications or any high torque application. It will reduce the chance of block breakage from the extreme twisting torque of your high-performance engine. The Pro Block Brace spreads the torque load across a large part of the surface of the block instead of concentrating it only where the engine mounts attach to the block. The brace is 1/2" thick and mounts to the oil filter side of the engine.

Installation Note: The block brace will move the motor mount location away from the engine slightly. The motor mount pedestal will need to be modified to accept the change in motor mount location.

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