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Over 30 years of constant testing, innovation and development have led to the products you have depended on for performance and reliability. Our 20R - 22R - 22RE - 2RZ - 3RZ - 3VZ - 5VZ - 2TR - 1GR performance engine products have brought us international recognition as the leaders in aftermarket Toyota engine performance. LCEPerformance products are developed using a computerized machine shop, a Depac Engine Dyno and extensive time on the race track. We've proven that the correct combination of matched quality parts is the key to a long-lasting performance engine. Our current line of engines, components and accessories are designed to give you a quality product that will deliver maximum horsepower and reliability. We offer performance products for all budgets, from our build your own Bare Block to our custom built Pro Series Race Engines. Through hands-on racing and development, we can offer you a custom engine package that can take you to the winner's circle. Many new products and combinations are being developed for the ultra-competitive mini-stock and mini-truck circle-track racing.

As the national rules get standardized, look for powered cars to be winning races at local tracks around the country. We also have the most knowledgeable customer service and technical support staff on hand to assist you. Let our staff answer your questions concerning our products and engines. Thank you for shopping our catalog. Periodically check with us for new products. We are a very fast-growing company, always striving to produce the highest quality performance products for the
Toyota "R" Series engines. Please let us know how we can assist you.


Toyota has always been synonymous with great 4x4 capabilities, reliability, gas mileage and many other things, but back in the old days the Toyota trucks were missing something very important; Power.
In 1985, a young off-road racer who noticed that lack of power on early Toyota engines started fabricating his own performance engine components for his own Toyota truck, after testing them many times, other racers started asking him to make parts for their 22R racing trucks. The demand grew up so fast that he decided to turn his hobby into a business, needless to say, L.C. Engineering was born in that same year, in La Verne, California. Now it was a matter of getting the word out to other racers who could benefit from this unique performance parts. So the first catalogs were created and with them, ads in every off-road magazine published.

Some of the first original designed and fabricated parts were: the 35 lb. High Torque Steel Flywheel, the 4" Crank Pulley, a rough-looking Adjustable Cam-Gear, and the beginning of what is now known as the 4-into-1 Performance Headers (All of which have come a long way since that time).
In 1995, after 10 years of developing new performance parts and working on countless Toyotas, L.C. Engineering became LC Engineering Inc. and moved to Lake Havasu City, Arizona (where it has been for the last 22 years). The company was transformed from its humble beginnings to a lead manufacturer and mail order company of aftermarket performance engine components for Toyota vehicles.

In an effort to introduce LCE's products to Circle Track and Off-road racers all over the world, media ads were placed in several automotive magazines, like Petersen’s 4WOR, Circle Track, and Mini Truckin'. The advertising paid off, leading LC Engineering onto the internet super-highway in 1998. LCE's movement online sparked enormous interest, from not only our loyal racer customers but to the everyday Toyota owner as well. This explosion of customer support led to a rise in product demand. which in turn, led to the addition of new staff members to accommodate the order load. LC Engineering was growing up and eventually needed a bigger facility. In 2000, the company moved into a spacious new 10,000 square foot home. The more space allowed LCE to increase the manufacture of in-house products lines and increase the quality control of the parts sold.

In 2006 another 12,000 square feet were added to the production and inventory facility. The continuing success and development of LC Engineering is the result of the dedication of our long-time customers. Whether you have been with us from the beginning or just the past few months, your continued support has allowed us to provide you with innovative aftermarket automotive products and knowledgeable technical advice for your Toyotas. Our hats off to you!

Currently, LCE employees over 20 people full time and offers over 6,000 products for Toyota vehicles, all from our 30,000 square feet home in Beautiful Lake Havasu City, Arizona.