Clutch Throw-Out Bearing - 20R(8/77-8/80)
Clutch Throw-Out Bearing - 20R(8/77-8/80)
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Clutch Throw Out Bearing

The classic symptom of a worn throw-out bearing is a whirring, growling, or chirping sound when applying the clutch pedal, which goes away after releasing the pedal. Premature wear of the throw-out bearing can occur when there is insufficient clutch play, resulting in a throw-out bearing that spins continuously. If the bearing fails, it may seize and quickly wear the fingers of the pressure plate. If you experience any of these symptoms of a work throwout bearing, replace it to prevent severer clutch damage. LC Engineering carries a full line of Throw Out Bearings to fit your application.

This product should not be used in a manner that violates Federal EPA Laws.

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