D.U.I. Short Version Distributor Without Vacuum Advance 20R/22R
D.U.I. Short Version Distributor Without Vacuum Advance 20R/22R
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Part Number: 1081047

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D.U.I. Short Version Distributor

(w/o Vacuum Advance)

This is a true race distributor with an upgraded coil, different cams inside the housing as well as different weights and springs. For racing applications only.

Performance Distributors one-piece ignition system, D.U.I. are three letters you cannot do without! The D.U.I. (Davis Unified Ignition) allows you to Drive Under the Influence of more power. The newest addition to the D.U.I. distributor lineup is now available From LC Engineering.

The D.U.I. features a high voltage coil and high dwell module, which is located inside the distributor. Only one 12-volt hot wire is needed to get your engine charged with a D.U.I. The high output coil and Dyna Mod module allows spark plug gaps to be opened up to .055". The combination of the custom advance curve and the high output coil and module will give you instant throttle response, quicker starts and more horsepower.

The D.U.I. is virtually waterproof making it ideal for off-road conditions. Since the electronic components are located inside the distributor, they are not exposed to the elements of off road conditions that will cause stock and other aftermarket ignition systems to fail. Each Performance Distributor is custom-tuned on a distributor machine with a super smooth advance curve. A custom advance curve insures maximum performance and mileage. Buying an "uncurved" distributor would be like buying an unground camshaft! No compromise curves...no guesswork for you. Just pure power from the world's leader in high performance advance curves.

  • Will not work with stock spark plug wires, see Part #: 4070151 for the correct wire set.
  • These Distributors require 6-8 weeks as they are a custom application that is made to order.
  • Non-returnable item. This is a custom-order electronic item, absolutely no returns.
  • Make sure you have adequate clearance before ordering!

NOTE: Not for use in E.F.I. vehicles. This distributor is longer than stock, and will stick at least 10 inches out of the head. LC Engineering is not responsible for clearance issues. Not compatible with power steering equipped vehicles. Vehicles with power steering must use Part #: 1081044.

This product should not be used in a manner that violates Federal EPA Laws.

Contact our Tech Support Line for further information at 928-855-6341.

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