High Performance Stage 2 Master Valve Train Kit 2RZ/3RZ
High Performance Stage 2 Master Valve Train Kit 2RZ/3RZ
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Stage 2 Master Valve Train Kit

(High Performance)

LC Engineering has taken the guesswork out of your 2RZ/2RZ valve train. These valvetrain kits will supply you with all the compatible parts to upgrade the valve train on your performance engine. The Stage 2 Master kit includes our 31mm shim under buckets, stainless steel valves(+1mm), Pro dual valve springs, spring seats, titanium retainers, hardened keepers and Viton valve seals. This is a great kit to work with our Stage 1 or 2 or 3 camshafts.

Intake & Exhaust Valves

These valves are 1mm larger than stock (Intake 38.5mm / Exhaust 31.5mm) and work great for ported street heads that don't need the huge oversized valves. These stainless steel valves are lighter than the stock steel valves and have a special anti-friction coating to promote better airflow across the valve as well as reduced resistance in the guide, resulting in better valvetrain stability. These valves will work with the stock seats once a performance valve job has been performed.

Pro Dual Valve Springs

The Pro Dual Valve Springs give you 75lbs of seat pressure at a 1.400" install height and open pressure of 215lbs (at .450" lift) they will work perfectly with any naturally aspirated or low boost application (0-20 lbs of boost). These springs are rated up to 8,000 RPM and will accommodate cam lifts up to .455".

Valve Spring Seats

These valve spring seats will sit on top of your stock spring seat and allow you to run our dual valve springs without having to modify your head.

Titanium Retainers

LC Engineering Titanium retainers are lighter and stronger than steel. Additionally, our Titanium design gives you confidence; no longer will you be worried about splitting a retainer and tearing up an engine when turning over 8,000 RPM. Titanium retainers are American made from space-age material. Titanium is less than half the weight and ten times stronger than the factory steel retainer; these Titanium retainers allow you to use high lift cams without the chance of failure. From a standing idle to the most extreme rpm, our Titanium retainers perform flawlessly, without compromise.

Hardened Keepers

Hardened Valve Keepers fit all 6mm valves using stock Toyota retainers and our Pro Titanium Retainers. A must for high rpm applications!

Viton Valve Seals

Viton Valve Seals are the latest in valve seal material, surpassing Teflon! Heat resistant to 440 degrees, they eliminate oil consumption through the valve guide and provide smoother engine idling by stopping manifold air and oil leakage past the seal. They ensure a perfect seal for maximum performance and extended engine life.

NOTE: Supports Cam Lift up to .382" This kit will require our 8mm pro valve shims. Shims not included with the kit due to various applications. Customers will need to mock up their valve train and determine what size shims they need (to be purchased separately). Contact our tech department with any questions.

This product should not be used in a manner that violates Federal EPA Laws.

Contact our Tech Support Line for further information at 928-855-6341.

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