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Engine Replacement

For those Toyota enthusiasts whose time has come to replace the engine in their Celica, Pick-Up or 4 Runner, there are many choices. There are many engine builders and re-manufacturer's out there that will use, or prefer to use, remanufactured parts or even the same parts that came out of the original engine. That type of an engine is what the industry calls a "Re-Manufactured" or "Re-Furbished" long block. LC Engineering takes a drastically different approach to engine building. 90% of our engines utilize brand new, high quality components. This includes a brand new cast cylinder head (85-95), pistons, rings, valves, springs, etc…

There are components of the Toyota engine that are worth using again, only if they are put through a rigorous quality control method. Those parts most frequently used again are the block, crankshaft, connecting rods, oil pan, valve cover and early cylinder heads. LC Engineering utilizes state of the art equipment and an experienced staff to ensure the quality of those components in our engine packages. Not only does an LC Engineering performance engine consist of nothing less than quality working components, each engine is broken in with an engine Dyno machine to ensure proper camshaft break-in and ring seating. We even perform a "leak down" test before an engine is delivered to a customer. It really comes down to the old saying, "you get what you pay for". LC Engineering has the products, the staffing and the equipment necessary to provide our customers with the best Toyota engines on the market. There is an engine for every imaginable application you can think of. From Street to Pro series engines including EFI, downdraft, sidedraft, nitrous, turbo & supercharged long blocks, we have it all!