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Cooling – Maintanence

When Summer Time is here, that means the Cooling System in your Toyota will be working overtime. Therefore, it is important to maintain your engine at the optimum operating temperature by keeping your Cooling System in TIP-TOP SHAPE.

Basic Maintenance Includes:

  • Radiator Cap: Check for worn or broken seals. A 12-lbs. cap is usually sufficient.

  • Thermostat: Check to see if it is stuck in the closed position. Incorrect operation could lead to blown head gaskets and/or a cracked head and block.

  • Water Pump: Check for leaks.

  • Belts: Check for cracks or glossy shine from slipping.

  • Hoses: Check for cracks, leaks, or collapsed hoses.

  • Coolant Mixture: A water/antifreeze mixture of 50/50 is the general recommendation although depending on climate and vehicle operation a variation of this ratio is acceptable.


Since these motors do not carry a large amount of coolant, you may want to consider taking steps to increase the cooling efficiencies.

  • Heavy Duty Radiators: These use additional cooling fins will dissipate the heat of the returning coolant faster to allow for better engine cooling.

  • Oil Coolers: Oil Coolers are also a good option for extracting additional heat from the motor.

  • Flex Fans: Flex Fans pull additional air through the radiator at low RPM when the speed of the vehicle is not enough to cool the engine's coolant system.