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Engine – Setting The Proper Distributor Timing

Setting ignition timing on a high performance Toyota engine can make a very big difference in how they ultimately will perform. When using an LC Engineering Pro Distributor (Part# 17-100), we recommend the "total" timing be set at 30-32 degrees. In order to achieve the recommended 30-32 total degrees of timing, start by setting the #1 piston at top dead center. Install the Distributor with the Rotor pointed to the #1 Spark Plug Wire Terminal. Connect a "delay" or "digital" timing light and start the engine. Bring the engine to 2000 RPM's and set the timing to 30-32 degrees.

LC Engineering's Pro Distributors are built with a curve providing a total of 18-20 degrees mechanically (with no vacuum advance). If you set the initial timing of the distributor to 10-14 degrees, you should be in the 30-32 total timing degree range at 2000 RPM. Again, you can use your timing light to check and make sure you are in the 30-32 total degree range. Using an LC Engineering Pro Distributor with vacuum advance, you will have an additional timing advance of 10 degrees. With the vacuum increases, you will see an increase in fuel mileage under normal "cruising" conditions.

If you happen to encounter any "spark knock" or "pinging" under full throttle operation, it may be a sign of a lean fuel condition. Check you carburetor and it's components for possible re-jetting. With the correct fuel flow and ignition timing you should be able to eliminate any "spark knock" or "pinging".