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Fuel Injection – Fine Tuning For Maximum Performance

Mass Air Flow Meter Adjustment:

Adding an EFI Power Package may require a slight adjustment to the Mass Air Flow Meter. The stock Toyota computer is factory set to run lean while operating in the mid range. When adding the EFI Power Package, the motor sees an increase in airflow and may run leaner. Tightening up the Mass Air Flow Meter will put the mixture back to the correct air/fuel ratio.

  • The Mass Air Sensor is found on top of the air cleaner canister. The sensor has an aluminum housing with a black plastic lid.
  • Cut the silicone seal holding the black plastic lid in place and remove the lid from the housing.
  • Before adjusting, mark the original location of the hold-down clamp on the gear wheel so you can return to the stock setting if necessary.
  • Loosen the clamp crew and rotate the gear a few teeth as necessary - normally 3 to 5 teeth. Clockwise to lean the mixture, counter-clockwise to make it richer.
  • When replacing the top plastic lid, make sure you establish a good silicone seal. Moisture can destroy the sensor electronics.

Do not make this adjustment on a "stock engine". For additional information and an illustrated diagram, refer to the Pro Fuel Injection section of Tech Notes.

Tuning MOD & Mixture Meter:

The purpose of this kit is to give you the ability to accurately richen up or lean down the air/fuel ratio on your EFI equipped 22RE. The Pro Tuning Module allows the air/fuel ratio to be adjusted while driving. The Mixture Meter lets you monitor the A/F ratio while you make adjustments. The easy-to-read bar graph display and thorough installation instructions makes this an excellent choice for the performance driven enthusiast.

Pro Distributor:

The LC Engineering Pro Distributor provides an increase in horsepower and acceleration due to the hotter ignition curve. However, in order to achieve top performance, it is imperative that the installation and timing be set correctly. The Pro Distributors are set up with 20 degrees @ 2000 rpm curve. The best way to time these units is to find TDC on #1 piston and install the distributor at 10 degrees initial timing. You will then have a total of 30 degrees @ 2000 rpm. Some users will like to advance or retard timing, as each motor is different (i.e. compression ratio, head milling, etc.). But for the most part, 30-34 degrees total advance @ 2000 rpm will be sufficient for the 22R. Dyno results have shown that excessive timing could damage your engine and decrease torque and overall horsepower so don't let it get out of hand.