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Fuel Injection – Big Bore Throttle Bodies

The LC Engineering Big Bore Throttle Body is just one more step towards improving the performance of the 22RE or 2RZ/3RZ Toyota engines. Big Bore Throttle Bodies are modified to improve throttle response and airflow. They also greatly contribute to "Laminar Flow", which streamlines the flow in a fluid that is near a solid boundary. This is a more efficient means of moving air and fuel into the cylinder.

The Throttle Body is bored at the "butterfly", tapered bored at the entrance, and then blended for a high-efficient flow. This will allow the air coming into the engine to completely fill the plenum with higher-pressure air. Throttle Bodies with stock bore make the air rush into the plenum violently and will not allow the motor to fill the cylinders completely. Bored Throttle Bodies allow the cylinders to fill more completely and be more consistent creating more power.