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Fuel Injection – Stock EFI

The Following adjustments can be made for mild street performance up-grades.

Adjust the Mass Air Sensor:

The following adjustment can be used to richen or lean the air/fuel mixture from the factory setting. The adjustment could be necessary when using the FilterCharger, Big Bore Throttle Body or other EFI modifications. It should never be performed on "stock engine". The Mass Air Sensor is found on top of the air cleaner canister. The sensor is an aluminum housing with a black plastic lid. Cut the silicone seal holding the black plastic lid in place and remove the lid from the housing.

To adjust, first mark the original location of the hold-down clamp on the gear wheel so you can return to the stock setting if necessary. Loosen the clamp screw and rotate the gear a few teeth as necessary - normally 3 to 5 teeth. Clockwise leans the mixture, counter clockwise richens the mixture. After the adjustment, make sure you establish a good silicone seal when replacing the top plastic lid. Moisture can destroy the sensor electronics.

Pro A/F Tuning Module:

The Pro A/F Tuning Module is a fuel enrichment device for 22RE engines. Modified 22RE engines tend to run lean during long periods of highway driving. When used with a mixture meter, the driver can easily adjust the fuel enrichment for proper mixture and optimum performance.