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Engine – 3VZ Timing

Ignition Timing:

  1. Start engine and allow to reach normal operating temperature.
  2. Connect a tachometer test probe to terminal IG of the check connector.
    NOTE: Never let a tachometer lead touch the ground as this could cause damage to the igniter and/or coil. Be sure the check that your tachometer is compatible with this ignition system. Consult the operating manual for your instrument.
  3. Using the service wire, connect terminals "T" & "E1" of the check connector.
  4. Check idle speed. Your idle speed should be at, or close to 800 RPM.
  5. Using a timing light verify that the timing mark on the timing cover is aligned with the mark on the crankshaft pulley.

  6. Ignition Timing - 10 degrees BTDC at idle:
  7. Tighten the distributor bolt and recheck the ignition timing.
  8. Remove service wire.
  9. Check idle advance timing with service wire removed.

  10. Ignition Timing - 8 degrees BTDC at idle:
  11. Check idle speed and adjust as necessary, Computerized Engine Controls.
  12. Disconnect tachometer and timing light from engine.