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Engine – Timing Chain Conversion:

The Timing Chain Conversion Kit (see Part# 1015012 ) adds a dual row timing chain to replace the single timing chain that is standard in the late 85-95 22R & 22RE engines. With the addition of the dual row cam sprocket to the motor, the factory valve cover will now need to be modified to allow for clearance. Inside the valve cover is an oil baffle that is riveted to the valve cover. You will need to remove the most forward portion of the baffle, the oil diverter, directly underneath the oil fill cap. It is attached to the valve cover by two spot welds. Using a 3/8" drill bit, locate the spot welds and drill just enough to release the welds and remove the diverter.

Be sure to clean the valve cover entirely removing any metal shavings or debris before re-installation of the cover. This will be the only modification necessary when performing the timing chain conversion. Please call our Tech support if you have any questions or concerns.