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Engine – Adjustable Cam Gears

Adjustable cam gears are the only way to change cam timing on a 20R or 22R series Toyota motor and be accurate. Both single, see Part# 1022006 and double, see Part# 1022003 adjustable camshaft gears are available from LC Engineering.

Adjustable gears are generally used to correct camshaft timing after the head has been milled or when the block is decked. Cam gears are an effective way to "Dial In" a camshaft by advancing the cam for low-end power or retarding the cam for top-end power.

Adjustable cam gears can be used with mechanical fuel pumps by machining the concentric fuel pump drive see our you tube video to clear the 3 separate 10mm bolts on the adjustable cam gear. This is made easier by reversing the bolts in the cam gear. Please call for specific information before attempting this.