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Part# 1045029 – 22RET Header Stud Kit

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Kit Includes:

  • (9) 48mm Harden Zinc Coated Stud
  • (9) M10 x 1.25 Mechanical Locking Flange Nut


    1. Remove original studs from head. If the old studs are difficult to remove use a penetrating lubricant and let soak overnight before attempting to remove.

    2. The shorter threaded portion of the stud will be installed into the head. The stud will be installed in the head at 10 Ft. Lbs. of torque.

    3. The locking flange nut will be torqued to 33 Ft. Lbs. LC Engineering headers and exhaust gaskets DO NOT Require the use of any sealant. If a silicone sealant will be used, make sure it is oxygen sensor safe.

Double Nut Stud Installation And Removal Technique:
Simply take (1) 10mm x 1.25 nut and thread half way on the one of the studs. Take the another 10mm nut, then thread that onto the same stud and make sure the 2 nuts are tightened against one another. Now take your box wrenches and put one on the first nut, and the other on the second nut tightening them against one another. After they are locked together, take the one wrench and place it on the nut closest to the block, and proceed to free the stud from the block. Reverse for installation.