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Engine – LC Pro Cylinder Head

The LC Engineering Pro Cylinder Head for the late 85-95 22R/RE engines is a combination of performance parts designed to allow the motor to breathe more efficiently. The power portion of building a 22R/RE is concentrated in the aluminum cylinder head. The head is ported to Street Performer specs and includes new exhaust studs. The Pro Cylinder Head is new, not a rebuilt core and is available with or without a camshaft. Camshaft selection can be either our Street Performer or EFI Pro model. Both camshafts are .440 intake/.440 exhaust and have a duration of 230° @ .050.

This cylinder head is set up to run all the factory specifications i.e. rocker adjustments, distributor timing, cam specs and torque. The head comes with new street performer springs, keepers and retainers. The sizes of the new stainless steel valves are 45.5mm intake and 37.5mm exhaust. Stock 22R/RE valves are 44.5mm intake and 36.5mm exhaust. The new valves are 1mm larger than stock and still retain the stock size valve seats. Stock combustion chambers average between 54 and 56 cc's with the new chambers averaging 59 cc's. Cylinder head deck heights start out at 3.130" and are milled approx .010 to maintain stock compression ratio.

Installation of the Pro Cylinder Head is just as easy as the stock head. The torque requirement on the head bolts is 62 ft. lbs. The valve adjustment is .008 intake and .012 exhaust (just like factory). Factory or aftermarket head gaskets are also available. The Pro Cylinder Head, see Part# 1021024 with camshaft will net a significant horsepower increase over a stock cylinder head set up.