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Engine – Benefits of Crank Scrapers

During normal engine operation a significant amount of oil adheres to, or becomes entrained in, a cloud surrounding the spinning bottom end. This oil eats up the horsepower your engine is making by increasing the rotating mass and also creating parasitic drag. A crank scraper mechanically strips off excess oil by coming close to, but not touching, the moving crankshaft and rods. It also interferes with the pressure differential that draws oil into the windage cloud.

Our crank scrapers are constructed from steel and include installation instructions. The scrapers are installed between the oil pan and engine block or along the main bearing caps. Some fitting to your individual engine may be required and the procedure for carefully checking this is explained in the installation instructions.

Do they really work? Yes! Crank scrapers in various forms have been in use for at least 40 years -- and not just in racing! More importantly, they are currently in use in a variety of OEM engines of both large and small displacement -- from relatively low RPM V-8 engines to high RPM straight fours. Most auto enthusiasts are surprised to learn just how common they really are. In short, it is an extremely well-proven technology that is often simply not recognized.

The crankshaft scraper sandwiches between the oil pan and the block pan rail. If you're looking for the most horsepower, a crank scraper is worth every penny. Scraping oil from the crankshaft counter weights and throws while it's rotating increases both torque and horsepower. When installing these scrapers, you will have to fit them to your rotating assembly.

Benefits of Crank Scrapers:

  • Less rotating mass for the engine to accelerate because of the removed oil
  • Less loss of power because of excessive drag caused by the windage cloud
  • Helps reduce engine damaging oil-foaming
  • Helps avoid oil starvation by keeping the oil in the pan during hard braking and turning as well as during off-road driving
  • Helps to cool critical engine parts by quickly returning heated oil to the sump
  • Helps to prevent the cylinder walls from being overloaded with oil
  • Can help with fuel efficiency

Check out our 22R/RE Crank Scraper, see Part# 1013022.