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Engine – Block Braces

We're pretty sure that when Toyota designed the 20R or 22R series engines, they didn't have a 185 + horse powered engine in mind. Over the years however, LCE has developed a full line of high performance engines that are built using the 20R & 22R series engine block. As we developed the different stages of our engine product line, we noticed that there were a couple of significant weak spots in and around the engine block. We recommend that on those high torque applications you utilize the LCE 22R Engine Block Brace. LCE developed this block brace to help distribute the torque load over the entire right side block instead of just at the engine mount location.

In addition to the Block Brace, LCE provides a "hard block" filler and solid motor mounts to keep the horsepower going to the wheels and not the chassis. The hard block filler is poured into the lower water jackets, which adds strength, and helps prevent any block distortion or cracking. The high quality motor mounts are tig welded with a replaceable polyurethane bushing. Excellent for all racing applications.