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Engine – Benefits of Circle Track Oil Pans

Oil control in a 20R/22R circle track application is very critical in the heat of battle. Too many race motors have self destructed when the oil is sloshed up on the right side of the pan during turns. In those few seconds, the oil pick-up tube is starved for oil and the pump will draw air. Air doesn't lube the motor very well and stock oil pan configurations won't do the job. To handle those extreme and demanding conditions, LC Engineering has developed a pan with an extension of the bottom sump towards the right side with baffles and a windage tray inside the pan to control oil from sloshing. The oil pick-up tube has also been extended to reach the wider and deeper sump.

The addition of a crankshaft oil scraper to remove the excess oil off of the crank will also help with oil control and horsepower. We will also be coming out with a new drag race oil pan in the near future. Watch our newsletter for new products each month.