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Engine – Pro Journal vs Toyota Journal

What is a Pro Journal?

One of the most common questions we get at LC engineering is “What is a pro journal? Is it better than a Toyota journal? What bearings do I need?” Well lets try to clear the issue up a bit. During the R&D process on our crankshafts LCE found that we could modify the rod journal and have the ability to use a Chevy style rod bearing, giving us better bearing quality, selection and availability. So anytime you see “Pro Journal,” it’s referring to this modification.

One important thing to remember is that if you run a Pro Journal crankshaft, then you need Pro Journal rod bearings and connecting rods. It also goes the other way; when running Pro Journal rods you must run the Pro Journal crankshaft and rod bearings. So when you select your parts be sure to match up the journal types.

This Table can help you understand the difference in sizes.

How to differentiate Pro Journal H-Beam Rods & Toyota Journal H-Beam Rods: