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Carb – Quality Air Filtration

The environment can be deadly to any motor, whether it's a street or racing application. With the help from K&N Engineering (K&N Air Filters), LC Engineering offers a complete line of air cleaner assemblies for your Toyota truck or race-car. The primary function of a performance air filter is to deliver both high airflow and superior dirt protection. In the vast majority of cases, increased airflow will increase engine performance measured by horsepower and throttle response (torque). More air entering the engine increases the efficiency of the combustion process creating more horsepower and torque. Horsepower is a measure of the engine's maximum power while torque measures how quickly you can accelerate.

When considering performance accessories for your vehicle, air filter systems are a good place to start. They are just as important as a good set of pistons to a high performance engine. LC Engineering sells the complete line of K&N products for Toyota Trucks, 4 Runners, Tacoma's & Tundra's. Call for a complete list of K&N FIPK air filter systems, Filter Charger kits and replacement filters that are available for your application. LC Engineering also has adapters and air filtration systems for Weber and Holly carburetors.