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Weber DCOE Inter Connecting Linkage

Part No. 99006-110


  1. You will need to install levers on carburetors before installing them on manifold.
  2. You have a choice of two lever styles. Be sure to determine how you want to connect the cable to the linkage. If you do not have a ball socket style cable, then you will need to drill out (remove) ball from lever. Use part 99005 357-cable holder in place of ball.
  3. Be sure to use caution when installing levers. NOTE: Do not overtighen carburetor throttle shaft nuts. This will cause binding of shaft and possibly damage to the throttle plates and the body of carburetor.
  4. Install cable support bracket to 4 screws on bottom of carburetor body (fuel chamber). Install on the same carburetor with the Pulling lever (male lever).
  5. Run exposed cable through cable housing support bracket and to your pulling lever on carburetor. Remember you have three hook up options.