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Why Different Flywheels? Choosing the Correct Clutch and Flywheel

Tech Articles: Performance Clutches for Toyota Trucks

Flywheels and Clutches: Which Ones Are Best for Me?

Why would you need different flywheels to choose from? How do I choose the right clutch and flywheel for my needs? These are a few of the questions we get regularly about performance clutch systems in Toyota Trucks so we created some articles to help answer these and several other questions about clutch systems. Just like other vehicle and engine parts, clutches have performance and regular duty categories. When it comes time to choose what is best for you, it's good to have someone with experience in your corner. read our tech articles on flywheels and how to choose the clutch for everything you need to know.

If you have questions about clutches that aren't answered here or you would like to see more content about clutch and transmission systems, contact us and let us know what you're thinking.