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Choosing the Correct Clutch and Flywheel

When selecting replacement clutches and flywheels, you have to do a little homework. If you are going four wheeling and have tall tires (31" and taller) it is best to choose a heavy flywheel, 30 to 35 lbs. The stock flywheel weighs in at about 24 to 26 lbs. The factory wheel will not hold enough torque to pull larger tire/wheel combinations. The higher weight flywheels store inertia and will make it easier for the motor to pull the taller tires. A heavier flywheel also enhances 4x4 drivability. On the other hand, when you have two wheel drive truck, the lighter flywheels help with quicker throttle response and better quarter mile times. The 9 lb. flywheel allows the motor to spool up quicker for faster vehicle response.

Clutch choice is also very critical to vehicle operations. There are many factors to consider when choosing a clutch and flywheel. If you own a 4x4 call us so we can help you choose the right combination for your application. The fiber clutches are very good for street and some Off-Road applications. The metallic clutches work very well in racing and high performance street applications. They have very good holding power while also dissipating heat much faster. LC Engineering has three different clutch kits to choose from: the LC Pro Clutch Kit, Pro Metallic Clutch Kit and the Dual Composite Clutch Kit.

The LC Pro Clutch Kit has high performance fiber on both sides of the disc. The pressure plate offers higher clamping power than stock with heavy duty springs. Our Pro Metallic Clutch Kit has metallic pucks on both sides of the disc. This disc combined with the 1400 lb. pressure plate makes this kit one serious unit. Designed for Racing, Drag and Circle Track.

Last but not least, the LC Dual Composite Clutch Kit is designed for extreme-street or off-road applications. The disc has metallic pucks on one side and fiber on the other. This kit retains street drivability with the extra holding power of metallic pucks. All clutch kits include disc, pressure plate, throw-out bearing and installation tool. Don't forget LC Engineering stocks a full line of flywheels ranging from the 9 lb. Billet Aluminum to the 35 lb. High torque Flywheel. Along with our LC manufactured flywheels is the famous Gold Star mini clutch and flywheel assembly.