22R/RE Pickup/4Runner Power Flow 1650psi PS Pump Upgrade Kit
22R/RE Pickup/4Runner Power Flow 1650psi PS Pump Upgrade Kit

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22R/RE Pickup/4Runner Power Flow 1650psi PS Pump Upgrade Kit (For Full Hydro Steering)

The stock Toyota pump is barely able to supply the volume and pressure needed to run hydraulic assist steering, putting out just 1,300 PSI and only one gallon per minute. A much higher flow pump is needed to run the stock steering while accommodating the additional demands of a ram - especially at low RPM's. Drilling out the restrictor plates in a stock pump for more volume isn't the answer because, more often than not, it leads to a loud pump and pump failure.

The right answer is replacing the stock pump with the best "TC" and "CB" style pumps on the market. The Trail-Gear Power Flow pump puts out 1,650 PSI of pressure at a high flow rate. This provides the full fluid volume your steering box and ram are looking for, even at an idle.

Pump kit includes 1,650 PSI pump, pump bracket, reservoir, reservoir bracket, belt, fittings, hoses, & hardware. Pump kit is designed to work with stock or ram drilled IFS power steering boxes.

Application Notes:

This pump and bracket is designed to fit all Toyota 4cyl 4wd motors from 1979 - 1995. Pump bracket works in conjunction with stock idler bracket. If your truck is not currently equipped with power steering, you will need to purchase the idler bracket and replace the steering gear box with one designed for use with power steering. The stock fan belt will not work with this pump and will need to be replaced with Napa #9430 belt. Belt is included with kit.


*Never use ATF fluid or a semi-synthetic blend. This will void the warranty. Ok to use standard power steering fluid.
*The color or appearance of some items in this kit may differ slightly from the photo.

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