LCE Pro Fuel Injection Kit #3 4Cylinder for 0-30 lbs Boost
LCE Pro Fuel Injection Kit #3 4Cylinder for 0-30 lbs Boost
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A/C Fast Idle / Cold Start Relay:
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LCE Pro Fuel Injection Fan Relay:
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LCE Pro Fuel Injec. Fuel Pump Relay:
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22RE Pro 8.5mm Spark Plug Wire Set:
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2RZ/3RZ Pro 8.5mm Spark Plug Wires:
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K&N Oval Straight Filter (Attaches:
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Wideband AFR Combo:
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Knock Sensor Upgrade:
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Pro Fuel Injection # 3

(0-30 lbs Boost)

The affordable engine management system that you can program! LC Engineering is now offering Pro Fuel Injection Kits for the Toyota 22R / 22RE / 2RZ / 3RZ engines in three different configurations. Based on the SDS EM-4 system, the LC Engineering Pro Injection Kit is a fully programmable, stand alone, engine management system designed to replace the factory Toyota injection computer or convert your carbureted engine to fuel injection using an OEM EFI intake manifold injectors and throttle body. It provides excellent results with naturally aspirated engines, superchargers, turbochargers and all types of fuels in both off-road and street applications. This system does not require expensive software or a laptop computer for the programming. Using speed/density airflow metering, the LC Engineering Pro Injection allows you to eliminate the bulky and restrictive OEM air flow meter. Full sensor diagnostics and programming are available in real-time. Our systems are designed to be easier to install and program than any other unit on the market today. All systems come complete with a plug-in main wiring harness and a custom tailored injector harness so you don't have to cobble them together from individual parts.

Programmable Parameters Include: RPM Limiting, Start Function, Manifold Pressure, Throttle Position Sensor, Acceleration Function, Air Temperature, Ignition Timing, MAP Retard and Boost Limiting, this kit is the ultimate control. This kit will control fuel and ignition using the supplied coil packs. This kit does it all and comes with everything you need for basic installation. This system controls fuel delivery and ignition timing on 4 cylinder engines to 9750 rpm. Its crank triggered, direct fire coil pack replaces both distributor type and OEM distributor less ignitions. Timing is programmable in 250 rpm increments with 64 boost retard locations available for supercharged and turbocharged engines and ignition retard under nitrous activation. The included coil packs deliver a powerful, long duration spark and is suitable on engines with specific power outputs of up to 200hp/liter. The 4F comes complete with coils and crank trigger.

Kit Includes:

  • Simple Digital System ECU
  • 3 Bar Map Sensor
  • Billet Plate Kit (Kit 3)
  • LCD Programmer
  • Main Wiring Harness
  • Air Temp Sensor
  • Fuel Trim Control, +/- 50%
  • Water Temp Sensor
  • Injector Harness
  • High Energy Coil Pack
  • Comprehensive Manual

NOTE: Will not come with a TPS connector. We can suggest one of ours 1063039 or 1063034 for the 22RE platforms. Installation of trigger magnets into the harmonic balancer is required. This kit is designed for use on supercharged or turbocharged engines. Depending on how much boost you're running, larger injectors are considered mandatory to keep up with the fuel needs of your engine. This kit can take 1-2 weeks before it will ship from our facility. Absolutely no returns on this item! Please contact our sales office with any questions.

This product should not be used in a manner that violates Federal EPA Laws.

Contact our Tech Support Line for further information at 928-855-6341.

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