Timing Belt Kit - 3VZ(93-95)
Timing Belt Kit - 3VZ(93-95)
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Timing Belt Kit

LC Engineering has a complete timing belt kit for your 3.0L V6! The kit includes a heavy-duty timing belt, new tensioner assembly and even a new idler pulley, everything you need to change out the belt on your engine. LC Engineering also recommends changing out your water pump while swapping timing belts. Since the water pump works off the timing belt, it is a perfect time to change it out. That way you don't get stuck tearing the whole front of the engine apart again to swap out a pump!

The timing belt is essential to the proper running of your vehicle. If your timing belt breaks, your vehicle won't run at all. The Toyota timing belt synchronizes the camshafts with the crankshaft, ensuring proper valve timing. Improper valve timing can result in poor performance, poor fuel economy, and in severe cases, engine damage. Some symptoms of a worn timing belt include rough idling, rough acceleration, loss of power, backfiring, and generally poor performance that does not respond to other maintenance procedures, especially those specifically relating to the fuel system or combustion system.

While the recommended inspection and replacement schedule for the Toyota timing belt is recommended; it is a safe bet to start paying attention around the 60,000-mile mark, sooner if your vehicle is regularly used in more challenging driving circumstances.


  • Timing Belt
  • Tensioner Pulley
  • Idler Pulley

This product should not be used in a manner that violates Federal EPA Laws.

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