Pro Fuel - A/C Fast Idle/Cold Start Relay
Pro Fuel - A/C Fast Idle/Cold Start Relay
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Air Conditioning / Fast Idle Solenoid

This solenoid can be used for one of two options; A/C or Fast Idle. The Fast Idle/ A/C Solenoid does not require an additional valve. The fast idle option consists of extra circuitry added to the ECU, a control wire, a modified relay and an air bypass solenoid. When the coolant or CHT is below a certain temperature, which is now user programmable, the ECU commands the solenoid to open and bypass additional air past the throttle plate to increase idle speed. As the engine warms up near normal operating temperature, the ECU closes the solenoid to restore the normal hot idle rpm setting. This option is recommended in cooler climates where warmup time is extended and oil viscosity reduces the cold idle rpm to unacceptably low levels. Scraping the frost and snow off of your car is certainly easier with this option. On most engines, the solenoid allows the engine to achieve between 800 and 1500 rpm during the warmup cycle. Installation requires running 5/16 vacuum hose from the air filter to the solenoid and from the solenoid to the intake manifold. The control system is either on or off.

The A/C option consists of an air bypass solenoid of the same type supplied for the fast idle option. This solenoid is hooked up directly to the air conditioning clutch circuit. When the a/c clutches in, the solenoid opens to increase engine idle speed by bypassing air past the throttle plate. This prevents sagging rpm with a/c operation. 5/16 vacuum hose connections to the air filter and intake manifold are required. This option is not controlled by the ECU.

NOTE: This part is to be used with our Pro Fuel Injection Systems only not for stock Toyota ECU's.

This product should not be used in a manner that violates Federal EPA Laws.

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