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Short Block Instructions

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Thank you for purchasing one of LC Engineering performance Toyota short blocks. These instructions are intended to aid a professional mechanic in the installation of your engine. If you do not feel competent in doing the installation yourself, seek the assistance of a professional. Follow the break-in guidelines closely.

NOTE: Be sure that your fuel and ignition system is properly tuned. Any overly rich or lean condition can cause damage to your new short block. Also verify that your timing and firing order are correct before starting your new short block.

Your LC Engineering short block requires a short break-in period to insure proper performance during the years to come.

During the first 500 miles follow these guidelines:

  • Do not drive over 65 mph.
  • Do not drive for long periods at any single speed. Always vary your engine rpm.
  • Do not drive slowly with the transmission in high gear.
  • Do not rev the engine at high rpm’s excessively.
  • Do not tow a trailer or put other heavy loads on the vehicle.
  • Check the engine oil and coolant levels daily during this period.

After the first 500 miles of service the engine oil and filter must be changed. Check the valve lash and re-torque the cylinder head. At this time it is a good idea to recheck the ignition adjustment. Look over the hoses for sign of leakage – water, fuel, and vacuum.

Your LC Engineering Street Performer Engine requires only normal maintenance after the first 5000 miles. Recommended oil change is every 2500 miles. Follow factory recommendations for fuel, spark plugs, plug gap and oil viscosity. LC Engineering recommends NGK or Bosch spark plugs and Valvoline or Castrol oils.

NOTE: Do not use any synthetic oils or oil additives for the first 5000 miles.